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What's Inside "CovertTalk"

CovertTalk will give you the skills to “decode” what a woman REALLY means when she says something (it's usually not what you think it is!)

The truth is that your girlfriend or wife will almost never say anything that you should take at face value. In fact, she won’t mean what she says most of the time!

It takes a specialized set of skills to listen and interpret what your woman says to you. Learning how to understand what a woman REALLY means is extremely TRICKY to most men.

Inside "CovertTalk", you'll discover...

  • The crucial differences between CovertTalk (or, women talk) and OvertTalk (or, men talk)
  • The two elements of CovertTalk (the “P+D Principle” and the “Subtext”)
  • Two examples on how to master CovertTalk (with blow-by-blow verbatim and detailed analysis) - what she says, and what she really means
  • How to fuse CovertTalk into Shogun Method and the IRAE Model for maximum results
  • ...and more!

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